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Emotional Expression and Working With the Fear of Pain with Christie Uipi

I am so excited to talk with this webinar guest. She is a therapist with her own history of chronic pain and she is trained in Emotional Expression therapy and was also part of a ground-breaking study in pain treatment called the Boulder Back Pain Study.

Christie Uipi (she/her) is a psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. She pursued extensive clinical training at the Pain Psychology Center in Los Angeles, where she worked alongside Alan Gordon to develop Pain Reprocessing Therapy.  Christie’s approach to treating chronic pain is based in neuroscience and rooted in compassion, working to empower her patients with accurate pain education and effective mindfulness-based and cognitive-behavioral techniques.  She lectures nationally on psychotherapeutic interventions to treat chronic pain and is committed to cross-disciplinary collaboration between mental health and physical medicine.

Christie is also a recovered chronic pain patient herself. The healing process was so profoundly transformational for the quality of her life that she has dedicated her career to supporting others through their recoveries.

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