Pain Management Groups
Self Management

We offer pain management groups to promote patient self-management. This will include pain physiology education, self-management techniques and cognitive behavioral therapy.

It has been shown to decrease pain associated anxiety and improve overall pain and suffering by 20-30%. You will receive an invitation to attend a Pain Management Workshop before or after seeing a physician at the pain clinic. We strongly recommend attendance.

Consult Services

A referral is required from your family physician or referring specialist. You will be contacted by our office 4 - 6 weeks prior to your consult, please note our current wait time is 6 - 9 months. The wait time may change depending on the referral volume. You will be evaluated by one of our pain physicians at your first visit in a comprehensive manner. A report will be sent to your referring physician to provide some guidance in your care and we will indicate what services we will be providing. We offer a shared care model where the primary care physician remains central in your care.

Medical Management

There are a number of medical options available to treat chronic pain. Studies have shown that 1 in 3 patients will get 30-40% relief from most pain medications available. Some of the newer medications are showing better results and may improve pain by 50% in 40-50% of our patients.

Interventional Treatments

All our physicians are trained to perform image guided (ultrasound or x-ray guided) injection treatments. Studies have shown that injection treatments may improve 2 in 3 patient's pain by 40-50% for 6-10 weeks on average. The treatments may contain local anesthetics only, local anesthetics and cortisone or local anesthetics and dextrose (prolotherapy).

We perform spine and soft tissue procedures, most of which are covered by the Medical Services Plan, but some may not be and the cost will be discussed at your visit.

Please look at the handouts we provide under the education link.

Rehab / Physiotherapy

We will work with your physical therapist to insure proper rehab following interventional and medical management. Restoration of function is our ultimate goal and this is only possible with all parties working together. We will provide physiotherapy support and home exercise programs following all treatments.

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